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What are Commercial Plumbing Services?

Usually, most people have a tendency to try to fix minor plumbing issues at home. This is because, with just a little effort, you can easily fix a leaking tap or faucet and eliminate the need to call a plumber. However, when it comes to official infrastructures like office buildings, hospitals, schools, and other commercial institutions, there is no need to attempt to fix an issue.

Plumbing installations in commercial institutions are complex and bigger than those at home, which means they require the expertise of highly skilled and licensed plumbers. If you are unsure of what commercial plumbing services entail, this article is for you.

Emergency Services

No matter how much you may try to prevent, water and sanitation issues will always arise in institutions. This is because of the extensive and frequent use of the facilities. This therefore implies that you may not really know when a problem will arise.

We provide commercial plumbing services

This is where a commercial plumber comes in handy; to handle issues as they come. If left unattended, emergency issues may compromise the safety of your staff, clients and customers. It may also affect the seamless flow of activities. Worst-case scenario is when you are forced to temporarily close down the institution to create room for repairs. This is a massive financial loss in the case of any industry.


All buildings, including residential and institutions, must adhere to the laid health and safety standards, failure to which hefty penalties may apply. You may also risk being closed down if you do not comply with codes when offering sensitive services as is the case with food and healthcare industries. One of the key responsibilities of commercial plumbers is not just to install, repair and maintain plumbing systems, but to also approve and secure permits and compliance certificates for their clients. However, for plumbers to be able to do that, they must be certified and licensed to do so, by the relevant authorities.

New Installations

Among the many services provided by plumbers is the installation of plumbing systems in new official institutions. During construction, plumbers work coordinated with architects by laying down, testing the workability and approving key plumbing systems. Such activities include laying down pipe networks, installing water-heating systems, toilets and sewer lines. They do this in strict adherence to the existing building codes and regulations by the safety and health inspectorate.

Repairs and Maintenance

Water, heating and sanitation features in official institutions are always in constant use. It therefore means that clogging, leaks, bursts and failures will be a common thing. It is the responsibility of plumbers to fix such issues when they are called upon. Commercial plumbers rely on specialized equipment to detect, test and repair such issues. For instance, they use water leak detectors to identify the source of leaks. Apart from fixing leaks and unclogging water and sanitation paths, plumbers also carry out routine checks on systems. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring healthy functioning of such services, for long.

Efficiency and Sustainability Measures

With the cost of operation rising every day, it is becoming so hard to sustain some businesses. Profit institutions are always devising new ways of bringing down the cost of operation. One of the many ways to do this is by installing efficient and sustainable water and heating features. Low flow faucets in toilets, efficient water heating features and urinals that do not run on water are some of the features plumbers recommend and install to help sustain the high operational cost of running businesses.

Customized Services

Although most plumbers have a service catalogue for commercial services, they are highly trained and skilled to handle special plumbing issues tailored to your unique needs. If grease is not cleaned from the grease trap in restaurant kitchens, it may lead to its failure, thereby compromising on the safe production of food. Similarly, if the water heating system is not checked and repaired on time, workflow will be affected while institution closure will be imminent. Commercial plumbers are the only people qualified to carry out such maintenance and repairs.

It is evident from the discussion above that a commercial plumber is your go to guy for all water and sanitation needs in your organization. Being aware of what to expect from them is critical to choosing the right plumbing company for your organization. As you do that, always remember that regular maintenance and repairs can help you keep off trouble with the safety and health regulatory authority in your jurisdiction. It will also save you money you would have spent in repairing bigger issues or replace some features.

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